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Knife of Dreams (Wheel of Time, #11) - Robert Jordan

Took me a while to read this one...I would read some, put it down for a few months, read some more, etc. I was really glad to see that storylines that have been buzzing around for 5 or 6 books now are finally starting to come together with a sense of closure. Perrin finally finds Faile....Mat and Tuon establish their relationship and his place as a leader of the Seanchan...Rand starts kicking ass (finally), but at a price to be explored later. The point is, this was Jordan's last work before his death, and you can see here that he is starting to bring this monster saga to a close. I am looking forward to reading Brandon Sanderson's adaptation of the last 3 books based on Jordan's notes and recordings, but this one was a welcome move forward in a saga that has been mired for several volumes.