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Fear to Tread - James Swallow

Mixed feelings on this one....the story is fantastic, and I really enjoy reading about Sanguinius and the Blood Angels. The problem for me here was I hit one of my dreaded reading slumps around the holidays while trying to read about 10 pages a night or so. Also, Swallow lavished in a period of what I felt was redundant, way overblown writing after the Blood Angels' main ship crashed on Signus Prime. This is the portion of the story where the legionaries and their primarch Sanguinius battle the evil forces of the warp, having been led there by the traitorous warmaster Horus in the first place. The first half of the book and the last 10% or so I think flow really well, and make for some compelling reading. However, getting through the above mentioned slog on Signus Prime was tough for me. A re-read of this may be in order, or I need to read simpler books around the holidays.