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To Try Men's Souls - Albert S. Hanser, Newt Gingrich, William R. Forstchen

I was very aware of the gravity of the subject of this book as I dove into it, but that did not damper my amazement and astonishment of just what these brave men did on that Christmas night back in 1776 to literally save this burgeoning and embryonic nation from being a permanent English colony. I have no doubts to the legitimacy of the events in this book, but what made this tale hit so deep is the wonderful characterizations that Gingrich/Forstchen gave historic people like Washington, Knox, Paine, Adams and various soldiers within the context of this event. If anything, I had trouble with the first half of the book or so because it was sooooo depressing, manifesting itself through the moods and actions of George Washington himself. I think that is the real brilliance of this book as the reader is transported from that to the successful actions of the patriot army as they stormed Trenton and literally caught the Hessians asleep in their homes and bunkers, Washington's pride beaming through all the way. The authors also very smartly portray the conflict Washington felt along the way. Paine's contributions to the morale through his publication of The American Crisis is neatly inserted here as well, Gingrich/Forstchen presenting him as a very, very tortured soul.

In short, entertaining, inspiring, and just amazing to think of what the founders of this nation had to do just so today we can call ourselves Americans and not bow to a king (well, for a while longer, anyway). I wish more middle/high school kids would read books like this to get an understanding of what it took to create the greatest political experiment in human history and just what is currently at stake.