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The Survivor - Kyle Mills, Vince Flynn

I was initially not going to read this with Vince Flynn being one of my all time favorite authors. The thought of someone else using Mitch Rapp as chief protagonist was both disappointing and a little painful to me, as I was fortunate enough to meet Vince a couple of years before his untimely death from cancer. My father had received this book as a Christmas gift and had read some and told me it was very, very good. I then received a copy for my birthday and decided to dive into it.

I'm very, very glad I did.

First off, the story is outstanding....no spoilers....bottom line: a disgruntled CIA agent has cleverly set up to have top secret details of past CIA missions made public all over the world from his grave. Familiar characters like Irene Kennedy, Mitch Rapp, Stan Hurley, et. al. all find themselves in deep trouble as the fate of the CIA is in danger from these secrets and they all try desperately to contain the damage. Add to this a plot by Pakistan for a coup to destablize the middle east and US/Pakistan relations and you have a tight, tension filled story right to the end.

Secondly, Mitch Rapp is written much in the way I remember him from early Flynn novels, a very welcome surprise. Late Flynn novels lost a bit of Rapp driving the plot throughout the books, but this one recaptures this plot driver in a big way. Rapp appears very much in command in the last 100 or so pages, even when things have basically gone to hell and no one has any idea what to do. This really carried the novel right to the end.

Lastly, this book really mirrors current world events, which to me really gives the story a degree of credibility and belief which keeps the reader engaged.

Bottom line....perhaps the best Rapp novel since Memorial Day. I am impressed with Mills writing, and I wonder if he will carry the torch for further Mitch Rapp novels.