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Pearl Harbor: A Novel of December 8th - Newt Gingrich, William R. Forstchen

The first 2/3 of this book should probably have been titled "Path To Pearl Harbor", as it requires the reader to take a much more patient approach to the events of December 7, 1941. Once this patience is mastered, the reader is then treated to a very personal set of events that describe the actions of key characters and their motivations through the years to the inevitable collision on that fateful Sunday morning. The last 1/3 flies by (no pun intended) as the reader really identifies with the characters as those terrifying events unfold. Gingrich and Forstchen really give life to key historical figures such as Yamamoto, Fuchida, and Genda as a large part of the book is from the Japanese point of view. The attack through the eyes of Fuchida (one of the pilots and the mastermind of the mission) is one of the most riveting things I've ever read.