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Mentats of Dune (Schools of Dune, #2) - Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson

As readable as previous Herbert/Anderson conglomerations, this entry once again makes me wonder how many tales this duo can wring from papa's glorious Duniverse. While there are many diehards who continually pick up each new story and rip it to shreds, I really enjoy each new book. I found the descriptions of the trials that the Sisterhood and the Mentats (led by Mother Raquella and Gilbertus Albans, respectively) endured and had to overcome just to survive very enjoyable. How Directeur Venport had to fight the anti-technology zealot Torondo, and ultimately the Emperor himself, just to preserve his spice-gathering operations on Arrakis made for great story telling. My only criticism is the role of Vor Atriedes, who, while he had a tie in with the evil Sister Valya Harkkonen, was somewhat underused and underdeveloped within the context of this particular story. I can only assume here that the authors are relying on previous material to flesh out Atriedes here, a la Robert Jordan.