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The Third Target - Joel C. Rosenberg

This book, like so many Rosenberg writes, could literally read off of today's headlines, at least on non mainstream media outlets. Rosenberg brings to life real characters placed in the theater of the current threat of ISIS, and creates a novel that is nail-biting and a real page turner, for me at least. The way this novel fits in with current world events and U.S. interactions with the world by our current "administration" is extremely well thought out and written. The protagonist, a third generation reporter with a high-profile media outlet, is allowed inside contact with the most dangerous people on the planet, and in the process learns things that will threaten Israel, Jordan, and our current administration all trying to help things with a massive peace treaty event. As expected, things go south quickly, with the reporter fighting for his life, his friends life, his country's reputation, and the current president's life as well. This is a must read for people who really want to know the truth concerning current events and the U.S./World as it truly is today. Highly recommended....