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Always By My Side: A Father's Grace and a Sports Journey Unlike Any Other - Jim Nantz, Eli Spielman, George H.W. Bush

Good in places....I especially enjoyed the parts where Nantz was able to relate his career accomplishments to his father's struggle with Alzheimer's. That seemed to really bring out a human side to Nantz, but there were perhaps a few too many times where the book strayed from that engrossing formula to focus on Nantz specifically and his somewhat choir-boy and look-at-me moments. Don't get me wrong...those were still some good reading points in the book, but I couldn't help feel that this book could have elevated itself to the great category if it had really focused more and driven home the relationship to his father at those other times in the book. As a sports fan, reading about Nantz's experience at the '86 Masters with Nicklaus pulling out perhaps the greatest golf round in history brought chills to me.