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Horus Rising (The Horus Heresy) - Dan Abnett

I have to thank one of my lifelong friends for hooking me on this universe. The inner geek in me ate this one up, and I see potential for viewing this series of books as far superior to what I used to read in my Star Wars reading days. As my friend said, "This is not Jar-Jar's universe", and aptly put. This deals with literally universal war, and it is not pretty, but there's a real element and characters more identifiable to readers than anything Star Wars could ever produce. Bottom line: 30000 to 40000 years in the future, mankind has evolved on Terra to venture out across the galaxy to exterminate any and all who are not subservient to them or of similar genetic make-up. Yes, gruesome, but it hits the reader with brutal honesty than cannot be ignored in a science fiction tale. I cannot wait to start absorbing the infinite possibilities this genre could make.