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Battle for the Abyss - Ben Counter

I'll approach this from a good/bad points view. The good: good story that somewhat advances the overall saga; good ending which really saved the book for me; good look at how different Legions view each other in light of the Heresy. The bad: Counter has now shown me to be the weakest of the Horus Heresy authors thus far by focusing not enough on character depth and development and too much on excessive and strangely timed descriptions of anything from the detail of the sub-engineering decks to the hallucinatory dreams of Astartes warriors right when the story seems to be rolling along. Don't get me wrong: I enjoyed the book, but the flowery and disjointed way the author presents this makes me feel as if I'm reading 10th grade literature in class trying to stay awake after lunch. This series needs to be presented in a harder hitting manner (re: Graham McNeill).