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Innocent Blood - James Rollins, Rebecca Cantrell

Another great story, but this one seemed much better written and more fully developed in terms of characters and plot development than book one in this series. Judas Iscariot, cursed by Jesus with eternal life after his betrayal, has set in motion a plot to bring about the second coming of Christ by exploiting a young boy who he believes is The First Angel. Erin and Jordan, with help from Rhun Korza and other immortal characters, are tasked with saving the boy and preventing the anhialation of Europe in the process. The reader must keep in mind the fictional twist of this tale, a la DaVinci Code or Angels & Demons, but this story flows so well with historical context backing it up that the reader is caught up in the impending doom the authors have set in the background of the pages. I found myself actually caring about the fate of the protagonists, unlike the previous book. Cantrell seems to have gotten the hang of this genre with Rollins' guidance.