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Fallen Angels - Mike Lee

A direct sequel to Descent Of Angels, this one pulls the early discovery of Caliban and Primarch Jonson much further into the Horus Heresy saga. One faction of the Dark Angels is returned to Caliban while Primarch Jonson and other Angels travel to Diamat to protect the outpost from coming under Horus' control, a pivotal move in gaining an upper hand in the massive civil war brewing. Librarian Zahariel and those banished to Caliban discover the makings of their own planet-wide civil war, which threatens to unleash Chaos and completely destroy their home world. The trick to enjoying this book is being able to bounce back and forth between the battles on Caliban and Diamat and keeping all the details straight. Both theaters are remarkably similar in their unfolding destruction, but it is these parallels that make this such a good read.