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A Thousand Sons - Graham McNeill

This Warhammer entry, by whom I consider the master writer thus far of the Horus Heresy saga, is epic in plot, characters, and emotion. A basic summary without getting too long winded like so many reviews I see: the Emperor has decreed that any sorcery by his beloved primarchs and their Legions as an abomination. Snap back to the main protagonists of this book, the Thousand Sons Legion and their primarch Magnus, who basically were created out of the ashes of Chaos infected genes, and rely on some unholy sorceristic methods of fighting, and the reader then sees the beginnings of some tremendous conflict between the Emperor and Magnus. On top of this, as a tie in to the overall saga, Magnus defies the Emperor to warn of upcoming traitorous actions by none other than Horus himself. This sets in motion the Emperor's direction of the Space Wolves, led by Leman Russ, to extinguish the Thousand Sons on their home world of Prospero. A gathering of very well-developed characters, fast paced plot, and emotionally wrenching details of the final battle make this what I believe to arguably be the best of the twelve Horus Heresy novels I've read to this point. Simply fantastic.