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Duty Calls - Sandy Mitchell

Ciaphas Cain finds himself in the middle of a political and civil skirmish on Periremunda, and discovers an evil scheme designed to bring the wrath of the tyranids to the plateaus of the planet. Not as humorous as the previous four Cain novels, but no less enjoyable as the mounting tension present from the soon to be arriving 'nids mixes well with the chemistry Cain exhibits with Amberley Vail, Jurgen, and other well-developed characters. Part of the great lure of this line of books is Cain's reluctance to be the heroic leader and yet somehow escaping long odds of survival and coming out smelling like a White Rose. The descriptions of swarming tyranids near the end of the book is frightening, told from Cain's point of view in an escaping shuttle overhead as he once again dodges the proverbial lascannon.