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Lords of Mars - Graham McNeill

This book is a classic "bridge" novel, taking characters from the first Adeptus Mechanicus novel and moving them through a series of events to get to a point that I wish McNeill had approached more in the first novel. Very choppy and extremely technical, this one required less reading and more studying to make sure I was staying on track to the ultimate goal, Magos Kotov et al finding Archmagos Telok and finding out WTF he is doing on a forge world outside galaxian boundaries. I am a huge fan of McNeill's work in the Horus Heresy, but I had the nagging feeling I was reading another entry in the Wheel Of Time series: nail-pulling jargon about perhaps too many characters that does not really advance the story. This book wasn't quite that bad, as any who have read Jordan's WOT behemoth can identify with, but McNeill would be wise to seriously advance the premise, or even wrap it up, with the third novel.