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The Auschwitz Escape - Joel C. Rosenberg

It has been a while since a book has had an emotional impact on me like this one. Rosenberg makes his first foray into historical fiction with this novel, and it really explodes off the pages with suspense, terror, despair, and heroic triumph. Like many past students who were briefly exposed to this in American History classes, I was suddenly hit with the true realization of what occurred, and I am now exploring books to read in the future on this subject with emphasis on Auschwitz, Birkenau, Sobibor, and Dachau. I have been a big fan of Rosenberg's books in the past, but this one by far is his best. I highly recommend this book for ANYONE. Through the eyes of Jacob Weisz, the reader will slowly discover the unfolding horror of the evils of Nazi Germany and Hitler's "final solution to the Jewish question". Weisz mistakenly finds himself a prisoner at Auschwitz, and through undoubtedly divine intervention, hooks up with Resistance members to formulate a plan to escape and ultimately blow the whistle to the rest of the world on what is going on at Auschwitz and dozens of other concentration camps in Nazi held territory. This all happens with an underlying suspense that literally makes the words leap off the page. Rosenberg ends the book in a way that makes the reader feel the frustration of how the world sat by for years and allowed the Holocaust to run full bore. Hat tip to Rosenberg for this masterpiece.