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Skin Game: A Novel of the Dresden Files - Jim Butcher

Butcher writes the character of Harry Dresden so well he could have him on a shopping trip to the local grocery store and it would be entertaining reading. What makes volume after volume of The Dresden Files so impressive is he places Harry in a fantastic world of reality meets supernatural, with engrossingly enjoyable reading results. This one is no exception, with Harry caught between two very powerful spiritual figures (Mab and Nicodemus) in a high stakes game of theft and betrayal in the Underworld (think Hades). Harry has to rely on old friends and new suspicious allies to survive and make the ultimate decision about his and his family's future against some extremely dangerous and powerful forces. I keep saying this would make an outstanding series (hello, HBO?) if correctly written and produced. As a novel series it remains at or near the top of continuing series I have read, ANY genre.