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The Sixth Extinction (Sigma Force, #10) - James Rollins

A great book from a scientific standpoint, but if Rollins intended this to be a white-knuckle thriller, it just barely missed the mark. A slightly worn-out plot element of a secret element on Antarctica (city, organism, treasure, bearded-lady, etc.) along with a plot to "remake" earth by wiping out society as we know it with a lethal virus made for a decent backdrop for the Sigma Force characters to battle evil in a race against time, but I felt that I had bought this t-shirt before. I enjoyed reading it due to the research Rollins always puts into his books, but I never felt the urgency while absorbing the plot like I have in Rollins' books in the past. I think maybe a stronger antagonist might have helped here, but ultimately this needed a tighter, tenser plot for the anxiety factor Rollins probably was looking for.