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Michael Vey: Hunt for Jade Dragon - Richard Paul Evans

Once again this series continues to surprise me... I have read each book as kind of an obligation to keep the series going that I started with the first book, but I have finally realized with this book that I am now anxiously waiting for Michael Vey 5 to arrive on shelves in 2015. Evans has created in Taylor, Michael, Ostin, Nichelle, Hatch, et al., characters that instantly pop into mind when reading the exploits of the protagonists and antagonists and the seemingly impossible situations they are in, such as rescuing Jade Dragon from a compound more heavily guarded and escape proof than Alcatraz. The mark of a good book in this type setting is finding yourself praying that with each page turned the good guys survive at the expense of the bad guys. This book delivers that and much more. This series is marked as young adult, but I believe anyone could enjoy diving into these exciting tales.