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The Lincoln Myth - Steve Berry

Steve Berry delves into the subject of secession and the current legality of it as Cotton Malone and other recurring supporting characters are forced to take on a madman and his plot to use the Mormon religion to bring about the state of Utah's breakaway from the United States. This novel was extremely thought provoking and very well planned and paced from the beginning. I would consider it among Berry's best of the Cotton Malone series. Josepe Salazar and Senator Rowan use documentation to prove that Abraham Lincoln had no right to oppose the southern states secession from the Union that led to the Civil War, and plan to use this knowledge to create a separate country out of Utah. Their hope is that other states in the Union will follow suit, thus adding to their territory and power. While reading this book, I actually wondered if any states today are considering this type of move, considering Berry mentions an "overbloated and ineffective Federal government" as being the motive in this case.