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Trollslayer (A Gotrek & Felix novel) - William King

I've been wanting to jump into the world of Warhammer after exploring the 40K world for a year and a half now. I heard from someone at the local bookstore that Gotrek & Felix was a good place to start in this Warhammer infancy world. I am glad that I did. The first novel in this genre consisted of several short stories somewhat linked together and followed the exploits of Felix Jaeger and Gotrek Gurnisson as they always seem to end up battling the evil forces of Chaos motivated by Gotrek's wish to die fighting a noble battle against said antagonists. Felix somewhat reluctantly follows Gotrek after a drunken oath to stay with him after Gotrek saves his life, and the author really portrays a genuine human character in Felix as he seems to overcome his fear to rise to the occasion time after time. Many adventures lie ahead as this is but the first of several G&F novels ahead for this reader in the future. I am also looking forward to expanding the Warhammer world after G&F someday.