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Standup Guy: A Stone Barrington Novel - Stuart Woods

As with most recent Stone Barrington novels, this one reads like your basic, average way over the top soap opera.  I still enjoy reading these books because they are easy to read and provide basic escapism from the trials and tribulations of everyday life.  Stone helps an ex-con get away with several millions dollars and ends up getting questioned by several parties including the Secret Service as to the whereabouts of both.  Along the way a thug also interested in the money kidnaps Stone's latest tryst and demands large amounts of money for her return.  I will keep reading these books because I just want to see where Woods takes Stone's character in the future, but the events that occur in these novels can occur on a Hollywood back studio lot, if you get my meaning.  I've said it before and I will say it again: Stone Barrington novels make for great beach and beer books, and that's not so bad, is it?