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Chasm City - Alastair Reynolds

Tanner Mirabel, who I would deem an assassin by trade, is after the man who killed his boss. As he zooms in on his target, events begin to unfold which include memories induced by a virus which cause him to doubt his mission, as well as his own existence. Plunging into the storyline, one is reminded of events of Blade Runner, as well as the weirdness of a Gilliam's Brazil. The story raps up nicely, but not before the reader is taken on a journey where he/she wonders why they read the novel, or where the hell it's going to end up. I am honored to have finished this book, but I have to admit that I was taken on a journey of wonder, self-doubt, and satisfaction at the end. Perhaps I have experienced the genius of Alastair Reynolds without being fully aware of it. I would advise future readers to keep a WIDE open mind when tackling this adventure.