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The Wright Brothers - David McCullough

I would say this is the most inspiring story about determination and overcoming odds with respect to discovering modern engineering and physics that are there for the taking that I have ever read. McCullough does an absolutely masterful job of revealing these two gentlemen from Dayton, Ohio who began to realize a desire to create not only a vehicle that could defy gravity and fly in an endless ocean of air, but could be controlled by someone in the vehicle itself. Orville and Wilbur Wright, who displayed not only an unmatched work ethic, but a sheer brilliance for looking at a problem that faced them and "working the problem" in engineering speak to overcome what many at the time said could simply not be overcome: controlling an airborne vehicle. The descriptions of their manufacture of the vehicle and actually getting it all the way to Kitty Hawk, NC for testing are quite simply literary gold. I have found myself staring at the photograph taken by a good friend of the Wrights, John T. Daniels, of the ACTUAL MOMENT of when man took off (Orville) and controlled the vehicle for the first time for literally hours on end. The fame and fortune that followed, I contend, could only have been handled as gracefully by the Wright Brothers as any others, taking their invention to Europe and demonstrating time and time again that this was a creation that mankind could benefit from for literally the foreseeable future. I cannot overstate how important this book is to prospective aerospace students, or the results they seek in their studies in the future. If the Wright brothers had been alive today, I have no doubt they would have been working on a way for man to literally "sail the stars". Godspeed, Orville and Wilbur...you paved the way for my father to become the outstanding pilot he is today. I thoroughly enjoyed this book in your and his honor.