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Hey folks....I seem to be going through a reading slump right now.  I have read over 850 books in my life and all of a sudden over the past few months I seem to struggle even reading 10 pages in a day.  Maybe I need to take a break for a bit?  Anyway, I will keep on keeping on, but my completion/reviews may come less often than before.  Sorry....

Book #852 - 343,166 Pages Read

The Case for Easter: Journalist Investigates the Evidence for the Resurrection - Lee Strobel

Definitely the shortest book I've ever read, but possibly one of the most important. The author sets out and makes a very compelling and convincing case by interviewing experts in the field on the subject of the Resurrection as described in the Bible. This made a big impression on me, and I hope it does for others who read it as well.

Book #851 - 343,076 Pages Read

Dragonslayer - William King

Gotrek and Felix return from their battles in the Chaos Wastes in book 3 to find more trouble. A dragon has awoken from a thousand year old slumber to terrorize settlements near where they return to, as well as armies of chaos are on the march to their location. Gotrek continues on his quest for a glorious death by seeking out the dragon with the help of Felix (reluctantly) and other human and dwarf companions. Along the way, Felix struggles with his own decision making, as well as his feelings for an attractive human female who fights along with the group. This novel is as enjoyable to read as the previous 3, and King has created very strong and identifiable characters to follow along with on their trials.

Book #850 - 342,822 Pages Read

Helsreach - Aaron Dembski-Bowden

An impressive tale of the Black Templars, led by Grimauldus, in their defense of the hive city Helsreach from a massive ork invasion. Aaron Dembski-Bowden writes these characters expertly, presenting them as a prominent Space Marine killing force against the orks, yet making them seem conflicted and caring at the same time....no easy feat. As usual, the death and destruction are off the charts on both sides, but there is plenty of heroics to go around.....a definite must for Warhammer fans.

Book #849 - 342,408 Paged Read

Cut and Thrust: A Stone Barrington Novel - Stuart Woods

Yikes....Stuart Woods is cranking out some crap now with this series.  A dull story, with not a lot of Stone Barrington to boot, made for what I can only describe as a terrible novel.  I would have rated this worse, but the ending was mildly readable.  Not sure if I will read anymore in this series, but if I do it will be with a lot of trepidation.  What happened to all the good cop mystery stories that Stone used to be involved in?  A political adviser?  Ugh....

Reading progress update: I've read 100 out of 414 pages.

Helsreach - Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Book #848 - 342,033 Pages Read

Morning Star: Book III of The Red Rising Trilogy - Pierce Brown

The trilogy ends on a solid note, an impressive effort by fairly new author Pierce Brown. Brown does a magnificent job of describing the conflict and pain Darrow feels as he escapes capture and reunites with his friends and colleagues to form the backbone of the Red Rising Rebellion (I made that phrase up). I continue to be impressed with how Brown really opens up the different classes of society by using the solar system as a backdrop, and he really places an emphasis on how Darrow relies not just on his story of revenge, but his friends as well to complete the uprising. The twists in the plot near the end are really well set up and revealed and it really pulls the story along to the concluding scenes. Brown uses a little more graphic and violent descriptions in this one, but considering what is going on and what is at stake, it seems only natural here. This series truly was Hunger Games in Space.

Reading progress update: I've read 400 out of 524 pages.

Morning Star: Book III of The Red Rising Trilogy - Pierce Brown

Book #847 - 341,509 Pages Read

Killing Floor  - Lee Child

I decided to start this series just for the heck of it and was rewarded with a great book. Jack Reacher finds himself arrested in smalltown, Georgia for a murder he did not commit, and while making a case for his innocence and release, finds himself in the middle of a massive counterfeiting operation and conspiracy that involves, of all things, his brother. What follows is Reacher and his newfound girlfriend trying to get to the bottom of this operation while avoiding atttempts on their life multiple times along the way. I was very impressed with how Child took many plotlines and wove them all together in a tight, thrilling novel. Reacher is a very interesting character, with many layers and capable of many things in a story such as this. Looking forward to other Reacher tales in the future.

Book #846 - 340,985 Pages Read

The Rock Rats - Ben Bova

Follow up to The Precipice, this one picks up after Dan Randolph's death as many are racing to the asteroid belt to claim the riches that it entails. Many familiar characters from the previous novel return as Martin Humphries continues his evil ways to prevent anyone but him from gathering the resources everyone so covets. It is debatable what Humphries wants more, the money or the woman he clearly cannot have, Amanda, who happens to be married to one of the ones Humphries is trying to knock off. Bova manages once again to mix politics, science fiction, and human emotion in ways that he is so well known for. Of note also is Bova's treatment of Pancho, who was tapped to succeed Randolph after his untimely death. Pancho pretty much inserts herself into the line of fire as the leader of those who oppose Humphries, much to her peril. Bova has another winner here.

Reading progress update: I've read 300 out of 524 pages.

Morning Star: Book III of The Red Rising Trilogy - Pierce Brown

Reading progress update: I've read 200 out of 524 pages.

Morning Star: Book III of The Red Rising Trilogy - Pierce Brown

Mustang has rejoined the Rising.....I do not trust Mustang.

Reading progress update: I've read 100 out of 524 pages.

Morning Star: Book III of The Red Rising Trilogy - Pierce Brown

Darrow starts out messed up in this one...

My turn...

1. Do you have a certain place in your home for reading?

On the love seat in my den or in bed.


2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?

Bookmarks....unintentionally have collected quite a few over the years


3. Can you  just stop reading or do you have to stop read after a chapter / certain number of pages?

I prefer the chapter break, but if I cannot stay awake at all I will just mark it wherever.


4. Do you eat or drink while read?

Prefer iced tea if I drink while reading.


5. Multitasking: music or TV while reading?

TV is ok on low volume.


6. One book at a time or several at once?

Anywhere from one to as many as four in the past.  No issue whatsoever....


7. Reading at home or everywhere?

Anywhere.....best at home, though.


8. Reading out loud or silently in your head?

Silently. Would feel weird otherwise.


9. Do you read ahead or even skip pages?



10. Barking the spine or keeping it like new?

Don't even think about this, but some end up barked pretty good and I don't even realize I'm doing it.


11. Do you write in your books?

Only at beginning to ID my inventory number for my library.

Book #845 - 340,601 Pages Read

Fear to Tread - James Swallow

Mixed feelings on this one....the story is fantastic, and I really enjoy reading about Sanguinius and the Blood Angels. The problem for me here was I hit one of my dreaded reading slumps around the holidays while trying to read about 10 pages a night or so. Also, Swallow lavished in a period of what I felt was redundant, way overblown writing after the Blood Angels' main ship crashed on Signus Prime. This is the portion of the story where the legionaries and their primarch Sanguinius battle the evil forces of the warp, having been led there by the traitorous warmaster Horus in the first place. The first half of the book and the last 10% or so I think flow really well, and make for some compelling reading. However, getting through the above mentioned slog on Signus Prime was tough for me. A re-read of this may be in order, or I need to read simpler books around the holidays.

Book #844 - 340,093 Pages Read

Mash: A Novel About Three Army Doctors - Richard Hooker

An absolute delight to read....I've been wanting to read this book for years and I finally got to it. This is the one that started it all...the basis for the original movie. There are just as many laugh out loud moments in the book, if not more, than there are in the movie. The influence this book had on future entertainment should be an indicator of the genius of it. I was instantly drawn in to the characters and setting and literally could not put the book down waiting for the next hilarious moment to occur. If you are looking for comedy or satire in your next read, give this a try.